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Latest Trends in Photo Booths - A Comprehensive Guide by Booths & Balloons

Published June 23rd, 2023 by Booths By Christy

In the chameleon-like world of event planning and party decor, trends can shift like the wind. One aspect that continues to gain momentum and charm is the quintessential photo booth. A steadfast inclusion in countless events - weddings, graduation parties, corporate events, and more - the modern twist on the classic photo booth concept has given rise to innovative and enjoyable trends. Today, we're exploring a comprehensive guide on the latest trends in photo booths by Booths & Balloons

Mirror Photo Booths

The latest twist on the traditional photo booth begins with 'Mirror Booths.' These sophisticated, interactive touch-screen mirrors invite guests to strike a pose while following engaging animations and voice guidance. With its modern appeal and hi-tech interface, mirror photo booths are quickly becoming a top choice for various events

360-Degree Photo Booths

Innovation has brought us 360-degree photo booths, letting your guests capture their experience from every angle. Not only does it make for exhilarating photos, but the resulting video clips also offer a dynamic and unique memento that can be shared instantly on social media

Virtual Reality (VR) Photo Booths

Immerse your guests in a whole new world through a virtual reality photo booth where the background can be virtually any place - real or imaginary. Ever thought of posing beside the Eiffel Tower, or amidst a swarm of butterflies? With a VR photo booth, imagination becomes reality

Green Screen Photo Booths

Following up on the VR trend, green screen booths are making a considerable comeback. These booths work by replacing the green screen with any digital backdrop of your choice, enabling unforgettable and fantastical photos

GIF & Boomerang Booths

For socially savvy occasions, GIF and Boomerang photo booths work wonders. These trendy booths not only capture stills but create fun, motion-filled images and short video clips. Perfect for sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, these booths are a hit among the younger crowd.

Retro-inspired Photo Booths

Ironically, in this digital age, there's an emerging trend back towards vintage. Retro-inspired photo booths offer classic props like feather boas, vintage hats, and monochrome filters to bring out a nostalgic vibe

Inflatable LED Photo Booths

Lighting plays an essential role in capturing perfect pictures. Inflatable LED photo booths offer a variety of vibrant color options and a unique backdrop that doubles as stylish decor

Slow-motion Video Photo Booths

Guaranteed to give everyone a good laugh, slow-motion video booths capture every jiggle and wiggle. Usually paired with confetti or props, these booths immortalize light-hearted, hilarious moments

Hashtag-printing Booths

In these booths, guests can take a picture with their smartphone, upload it to social media using a dedicated event hashtag, and get a physical copy printed on the spot. It's a modern-day version of the Polaroid moment

Photo booths are no longer a mere accessory at events; they've become a central entertainment feature. To make your event memorable, consider these trends and provide your guests a unique and immersive photo booth experience. Remember, the right photo booth can create lasting memories and add a touch of excitement that your event guests will cherish.

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