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Behind The Lens: Personalizing Photo Booths to Match Your Event Theme

Published August 18th, 2023 by Booths By Christy

Photo booths have become a staple at events, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate gatherings. They're more than just a fun pastime or a source of entertainment. They're a memory machine, capturing the emotions, the atmosphere, and the joy of a special occasion. But what often elevates the photo booth experience to a whole new level of fun and engagement is when it is personalized to match the event's theme. This article aims to delve into the art of tailoring photo booths to suit your event theme

Understanding Your Event Theme

The first step on the path to personalisation is a thorough understanding of your event theme. Whether it's an elegant, black-tie wedding, a 70s-themed birthday bash, or a futuristic corporate event, your photo booth should echo the same vibe. To achieve this, drill down to specific details characteristic of your theme that could be mirrored in your booth design

Reflecting Theme in Backdrops and Props

Once the theme is defined, move onto the tangible aspects like backdrops and props. These are the first visible elements that bring your booth's character to life


The backdrop acts as a canvas, creating a visually engaging space for your photographs. If your event's theme is natural and rustic, consider a backdrop with elements of greenery, wood, or stone. For a more glamorous occasion, a sequin or draped velvet backdrop can create the perfect luxe vibe. Remember, your background need not be static. It can feature interactive aspects like neon signage or suspended 3D objects that guests can interact with.


Props infuse fun and spontaneity into the photo booth experience. Aligning them with your event's theme will reinforce the overall vibe and encourage guests to get into the spirit. If you're going for a Great Gatsby theme, think feather headbands, pinstripe suits, and vintage cigarettes holders. For a beach-themed party, tropical sunglasses, inflatable beachballs and leis might be the props of choice. The quirkier, the better!

Matching Photographs Style

From black & white murals for a vintage theme, to vibrant, color-popped prints for a summer beach party; the way your photographs are styled can significantly contribute to theme personalisation. Discuss the photographic style with your booth provider ahead of the event to ensure the final photos will reflect the ambiance correctly

Customised Photo Frames

Customised photo frames or photo print outs can provide another dimension of theme personalisation. Your frames can bear a logo for corporate functions or a personalized message for private events. For instance, frames for a travel-themed event could resemble vintage postcards or airline tickets

The Digital Element

Incorporating the event theme into the digital sphere can also help create a cohesive photo booth experience. Customised digital props, filters, or overlays that align with your event theme can be added to the selfie mirror booth or iPad photo booth

Staff's Appearance

Last but not least, consider the booth operator's appearance. Having them dressed in accordance with the event's theme can add an extra touch of immersion and authenticity

In a world where experiences matter, photo booth personalisation can take your event to newer heights. By matching elements like backdrops, props, photo styles, frames, digital elements, and even staff's attire with your theme, you not only create a visually harmonious environment but also offer your guests a memorable, immersive experience. So go ahead and infuse your theme into every nook and corner of your photo booth, for those are frames that will live on in memories long after the event concludes

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